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Hello, From Hokkaido!

At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we deliver our local Hokkaido Uni right from our home in Hokkaido to your doorsteps.
Our mission is to deliver the authentic experience of Hokkaido Uni, making you feel as if you're right here with us in Hokkaido.

Updates from Hokkaido

We are pleased to announce that we have made changes to our shipping rates that will affect nationwide delivery. We hope our new lower fee flat rate makes you happy when you check out! Previously: $49.9-->Now: $29.99!!

Order Process:

  • Pre-Order Only: Please note that all items are available for pre-order only. The cut-off for placing orders is typically every Friday for deliveries scheduled in the following week.

Regular Delivery Schedule:

  • Our standard delivery days are Wednesdays and Thursdays each week, specifically catering to our U.S. customers. Plesae note that occasionally, delivery schedules may experience irregularities. This is more common during the winter season when unforeseen events, like extreme weather conditions, can cause disruptions.

Memorial Day Special Collections

Hokkaido Uni

Sashimi Quality

Premium Japanese Fruits

Hokkaido Special

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Murasaki Uni


Kani/Ebi Specials

Japan Specials

Omakase Selection

Hello, from Hokkaido!

Rishiri Uni - "Jewel of the Ocean"

Fresh Airflown Uni

Special Uni, anyone?