Rishiri Kakoi #1 Grade 500g
Rishiri Kakoi #1 Grade 500g
Rishiri Kakoi #1 Grade 500g

Rishiri Kakoi #1 Grade 500g

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We're thrilled to introduce our home town Rishiri Kombu: Aged to Perfection from Hokkaido's Pristine Shores

Please allow us to bring the sublime taste and quality of our Rishiri Kombu, harvested from our home northern beaches of Hokkaido and meticulously aged in our store.

Harvesting Locations of Premium Quality:

  • Our Rishiri Kombu is sourced from prime coastal areas including Kutsugata Shore in Rishiri Island, Kahoro Shore in Rebun Island, and Funadomari Shore.
  • These locations are favored for their optimal natural conditions, which include tidal flows, ideal water temperatures, ample sunlight, and the beneficial influences of nearby rivers and mountains.

Cellar-Aged Excellence:

  • We proudly present our "Kura Iwaimono" Rishiri Kombu, an exquisitely aged variant stored for one to two years, ensuring depth and richness in flavor.
  • This aging process enhances the kombu, making it an exceptional ingredient for refined dashi and clear broths.

Product Specifications:

  • Product: Tokuyou Kura Iwaimono Rishiri Kombu (Sliced Cut)
  • Weight: 500g, perfect for crafting exquisite dashi.
  • Packaging: Each piece is carefully wrapped in traditional Japanese paper. Please note that gift wrapping is not available for this product.
  • Availability: This premium kombu can be purchased exclusively at Kagura Main Store or through our mail-order service.

Shelf Life and Delivery:

  • Shelf Life: Enjoy optimal quality up to 2 years from the date of manufacture.
  • Delivery Method: Shipped via standard shipping for utmost convenience.


  • 100% Hokkaido-produced Rishiri Kombu, delivering the authentic taste of Japan's northern seas.

Immerse yourself in the culinary tradition of Japan with our aged Rishiri Kombu, a staple ingredient for any gourmet kitchen, directly from the shores of Hokkaido to your table.