Super Frozen Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro (Sashimi Quality) 1lb
Super Frozen Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro (Sashimi Quality) 1lb
Super Frozen Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro (Sashimi Quality) 1lb

Super Frozen Bluefin Tuna Chu-Toro (Sashimi Quality) 1lb

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Discover the exceptional taste of our Super Frozen Chu-Toro from Hokkaido Uni Shop! Our Sushi and Sashimi-grade Chu-Toro boasts intense fat marbling, resulting in a smooth, buttery taste and a melt-in-your-mouth texture that's on par with top sushi bars.

At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we're passionate about bringing you the highest quality seafood from Hokkaido. Our Super Frozen Chu-Toro is carefully selected, flash-frozen at -60°C, and shipped directly to your doorstep, ensuring the freshest and most flavorful product possible.

Chu-Toro (medium fatty tuna) is a Japanese specialty that has been meticulously prepared by our skilled butchers and trimmers. Ideal sushi and sashimi fish. You may expect each saku (piece) to weigh about 0.5 ounces (g) (may vary slightly in size). We superfreeze everything at -70Fto preserve its quality.

Size: Approximately 0.7~1.0 LB per piece
Type: Frozen

Tuna can keep in regular freezer up to 7 days and recommend to consume all within 1-5 days after defrosting. DO NOT refreeze once defrosted.

1 Line the container with paper towel to catch excess moisture. Place Tuna on the paper towel and cover the container with plastic wrap.
2. Defrost in the refrigerator for about 12 hours. Tuna can be used even if it is half defrosted.
3. Scrape the surface of the Saku clean on both sides with back side of knife. You may see sawdust on the surface. It can turn brown if you leave those parts on.

Pre-Order Note

Available for pre-order only. The estimated process time is usually about 10 days after you place your order. Once your order arrives from Japan, it usually takes 24 hours to process it for delivery. We ship the item via UPS Overnight, and deliveries are made from the first drop to early afternoon. 

*Stock for this item is always limited so reserve yours now before it gets claimed!

Shipping: All orders are shipped via UPS Next Day Air.

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