Premium Musk Japanese Melon "Tosa" 土佐 1.4kg
Premium Musk Japanese Melon "Tosa" 土佐 1.4kg
Premium Musk Japanese Melon "Tosa" 土佐 1.4kg

Premium Musk Japanese Melon "Tosa" 土佐 1.4kg

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Delight in the Luxurious Taste of Japanese Musk Melons at an Unbeatable Price!

We're thrilled to announce a price reduction for our exquisite Japanese Musk Melons, making these luxurious fruits more accessible than ever. Celebrated for their impeccable quality, our melons are now available for you to enjoy without the premium price tag.

Details at a Glance:

  • Texture: Soft and smooth, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience.
  • Origin: Kochi, Japan - a region known for its rich, fertile soils and ideal melon-growing conditions.
  • Sugar Content: Average 14~16
  • Color: Striking with white and green skin, revealing a light green, juicy flesh inside.
  • Weight: Each melon weighs approximately 3lbs, perfect for sharing or savoring solo.

Is Your Melon Ready to Eat?

To determine the perfect ripeness:

  • Firmness: Gently press near the stem. A slight softness indicates it's ready.
  • Aroma: A fragrant aroma is a good sign your melon is ripe for enjoyment.
  • Additional Tips: If your melon feels firm, let it ripen a bit more at room temperature. 

For more information on the best time to eat and how to tell the ripeness of the melon, please see the video 

Ordering and Delivery:

  • Pre-Order Only: We prioritize freshness and quality. Pre-order to ensure you receive the best.
  • Estimated Processing Time: Usually about 7 - 10 days post-order.
  • Shipping: Via UPS Overnight for swift and safe delivery.

Special Reminder:

  • Limited Stock: Our Musk Melons are in high demand, so reserve yours promptly.
  • Market Sensitivity: Prices are subject to change based on market dynamics.
  • UPS Shipping: While we ensure secure packaging, any UPS handling issues must be claimed directly with them.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to indulge in the taste of premium Japanese Musk Melons at an unbeatable price. Reserve your melon today and prepare for a truly luxurious fruit experience!