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Hokkaido Uni situation in October and November

In October, Hokkaido experiences an irregular Uni harvesting schedule due to a break in catching Murasaki Uni, leading to a temporary pause in its supply. Concurrently, the supply of Bafun Uni, another sought-after variety, is limited but shows signs of gradual recovery. Kitamurasaki Uni, including notable varieties like Hadate, is not yet available in full scale, though a resurgence is expected starting mid-November.

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Hokkaido's Unique Uni: The Art of "Tema Hima" at Takuzushi

Traveling across the globe, one will encounter diverse cuisines, each boasting its Ever found yourself marveling at the distinct taste of Uni in Hokkaido compared to anywhere else? The secret lies not just in the pristine waters they come from, but also in the unique preparation method favored by many local establishments. The Hokkaido Uni Experience Anyone who's tasted Uni in Hokkaido will vouch for its distinct flavor, markedly different from its counterparts elsewhere. But why does Hokkaido's Uni stand out? The secret doesn't just lie in the unblemished waters of Hokkaido. It extends to an age-old preparation method deeply rooted in local culinary traditions. Salted Water Uni: Hokkaido's Choice In a deviation from the norm, many sushi places in...

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Red Tide Situation in Hokkaido and Impact on Uni Supply

We have recently received many inquires about the red tides situation in Hokkaido and how bad it has been. Please read the following articles (we translated) and grasp the update and future forecast for the future supply of Uni.  Regional Information (Via Hokkaido Branch Office)                                       The Extent of the Impact of the Worst Ever Red Tide Red tide damage off the coast of Eastern Hokkaido has directly impacted sea urchin fisheries. According to the latest summary of the prefectural government, the amount of damage the red tide caused the fishing industry is roughly 7.6 billion yen - the worst degree in Japan...

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Yoneda Uni 雲丹 - S

Location: Rishiri, HokkaidoGrade: S Brand Name: Yoneta UniOrigin: Rishiri island, Hokkaido Uni: Bafun, Murasaki Size: 250g~Season: June – Sep This is the premium Hokkaido Uni brand - Yoneta Uni. It's the top quality Uni produced by Yoneta Suisan (米田水産) in Rishiri Island, Hokkaido.  Rishiri - perhaps one of the most remote spots in Japan, complete with a thriving Uni trade and Yoneta is one of two Uni producers in the region. Almost all of the island's local restaurants serve an array of Uni treats, from Uni Don and Uni Ramen and they use Yoneta's Uni.    Rishiri Island, a small island off Japan's northernmost point, is well-known "Uni Heaven" with its Rishiri Uni often referred to as "Jewel of the Ocean". During peak season,...

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Why Uni is So Expensive?

in Hokkaido, all Uni is harvested by hand from the wild. Uni also must be prepared by hand, there is no mechanical method of cleaning and preparing the gonads for consumption - Uni has only 5 small edible parts. 

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