Our Uni Story

Hello, from Hokkaido!

If you ever visit Hokkaido, you know already that all gourmet fishery products are abundantly available here - fatty Salmon, giant King Crab, shinning Ikura.. you name it.  Especially, Uni is considered a special seafood delicacy - rich and deep with an elegant sweetness. 

At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we ship directly the authentic Uni from Hokkaido - where our Uni is freshly prepared to order and not purchased from the general market or brokers. 

Bypassing the larger market ensures that the freshest Uni, with a longer shelf life, is delivered all the way from Hokkaido right to your door.  Our mission is to make our local Uni more accessible and enjoyable at home. 

Whether you are an Uni expert or a complete Uni rookie, we promise our Hokkaido Uni will not disappoint you!  


Fresh Airflown Uni

We are committed to delivering premium local Uni to Uni lovers around the globe! Our Uni is produced right here, Hokkaido and air-flown straight to your doorstep! 

 Why is Hokkaido Uni so special? 

The island of Hokkaido of course, is where the very best Uni from Japan is harvested. This is because Uni here feed on the Kombu (Kelp), which is a delicacy in its own right, that grows plentifully in the low temperature and nutrient and plankton-rich "Oyashio" water flowing through the island. 


Rishiri Uni - Jewel of the Ocean. 

Rishiri - perhaps one of the most remote spots in Japan but this island is well-known "Uni Heaven" with Rishiri Uni often referred to as "Jewel of the Ocean", During the peak season, almost 90% of Gokujo Uni (grade AAA) originate from this area and is one of the most sought-after items by Michelin Star restaurants worldwide. 

Sourcing premium quality fresh Uni is not an east task but as we live and work in this small island, leading Uni processor is located just down the street. This means we have daily access to the freshest Uni available in Hokkaido.

Note: Rishiri Uni season is typically from June - September