Frozen Unagi 226g
Frozen Unagi 226g
Frozen Unagi 226g

Frozen Unagi 226g

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Hokkaido Uni Shop offers Unagi Kabayaki (Grilled Eel). 

Unagi Kabayaki is one of the most beloved dishes in Japan. This grilled Eel drenched in thick and sweet Unagi sauce makes anyone's mouth water. The most popular way to prepare Unagi is the form of Unadon(鰻丼), which consists of a hot bowl of rice with the Unagi on top. 

Size: Approximately 226g per piece

Type: Frozen (*keep in freezer  -18°C) 

How to prepare a frozen product?

Storage Instructions

All Frozen products must be kept frozen at 0° F ( -18°C) or Below. When storing fresh seafood, keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator.  Make sure your home refrigerator is operating at 40°F or lower.  For Fresh Seafood: to preserve the best quality keep Fish under ice while in the refrigerator.  (Note: Fish will lose quality and deteriorate rapidly with higher storage temperature)

Thawing Instructions

It is best to thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. Other thawing methods include: immersing frozen seafood in cold water for a short time in a sealed plastic bag or microwaving on a defrost setting until the fish is pliable but still icy.

Pre-Order Note

Available for pre-order only. The estimated process time is usually about 10 days after you place your order. Once your order arrives from Japan, it usually takes 24 hours to process it for delivery. We ship the item via UPS Overnight, and deliveries are made from the first drop to early afternoon. 

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