Premium Grade Japanese Musk Melon 竜馬 1.6kg
Premium Grade Japanese Musk Melon 竜馬 1.6kg
Premium Grade Japanese Musk Melon 竜馬 1.6kg

Premium Grade Japanese Musk Melon 竜馬 1.6kg

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Introducing the Ryoma brand of melons from Kouchi Prefecture - these melons are not only larger and juicier but also elegantly presented in a gift box.

When is the best time to enjoy them? 

To savor these melons at their peak,

  • It is recommended to consume approximately a week after receiving them, as they are harvested just before delivery.
  • For prolonged storage, it's advisable to keep them in the refrigerator, but remember to remove them on the day you plan to enjoy their exquisite flavor.
  • Please refer to the instructional video below for guidance on assessing the melon's condition.

When the best time to eat, please refer the movie below

These exquisite Crown and Aroma high-grade Japanese Musk melons originate from Kouchi, Japan. Our dedicated farmers painstakingly select and inspect each melon before promptly shipping them to your doorstep from the market. These melons are celebrated for their extraordinary sweetness and juiciness, making them the perfect dessert for your dinner parties.

Key Characteristics:

  • Texture: Soft and velvety
  • Skin Color: A blend of white and green, with light green flesh
  • Weight: Approximately 1.6 kilograms per melon

Curious about Musk Melon? Japanese Musk melons hold a cherished place in Japan's gift-giving culture, representing luxury and refinement. Among them, the Crown Melon from Kouchi prefecture stands out with its flawless spherical shape and intricate netting. Achieving such perfection demands meticulous cultivation, with growers attentively nurturing each vine to ensure the most promising fruit receives the necessary nutrients for optimal growth.

What is Musk Melon? 

The Japanese Musk melon is the epitome of luxury in Japan's gift=giving culture. Of which, the most revered are the Crown Melon from Shizuoka prefecture. Prized for their perfectly spherical shape and intricate netting, these melons are a result of painstaking cultivation. Growers trim vines so that only one most promising fruit monopolize all nutrients from the vine. 

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