Kumamoto Oyster Dozen

Kumamoto Oyster Dozen

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Kumamoto Oysters: The Gem of Japanese Aquaculture

Product Overview:

  • Type: Kumamoto Oyster (Crassostrea sikamea)
  • 12pcs in one bag 
  • Size: Available in small to medium sizes, perfect for a variety of dishes
  • Packaging: Carefully selected and securely packed to ensure freshness upon delivery

Taste the Difference with Kumamoto Oysters:

Kumamoto Oysters are a sought-after variety known for their sweet, fruity flavor and creamy texture. These oysters are a delicacy in both Japan and abroad, cherished for their distinctive, clean finish and beautiful, fluted shells.

A Culinary Delight:

Renowned for their exceptional quality, Kumamoto Oysters can elevate any meal to a gourmet experience. They are a fantastic choice for raw preparations but also shine when lightly grilled or steamed.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Raw: Serve on the half shell with a squeeze of lemon or a drop of mignonette sauce.
  • Grilled: Top with a pat of herbed butter and grill until just cooked for a warm, rich flavor.
  • Steamed: Gently steam and serve with a side of soy sauce and scallions for a simple, traditional appetizer.

Note: Each Kumamoto Oyster is thoroughly inspected before shipment, guaranteeing only the best make it to your table. Enjoy the unparalleled flavor of one of Japan's most beloved seafood treasures.