Hokkaido Kegani 毛蟹 (Horsehair Crab) 500g
Hokkaido Kegani 毛蟹 (Horsehair Crab) 500g
Hokkaido Kegani 毛蟹 (Horsehair Crab) 500g
Hokkaido Kegani 毛蟹 (Horsehair Crab) 500g

Hokkaido Kegani 毛蟹 (Horsehair Crab) 500g

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Hokkaido Hairy Crabs or "Kegani" are priminaly harvested from the 太平洋 (Pacific Ocean) surronding in Hokkaido. Kegani 毛蟹 is a well-known delicacy and known for its sweet and firm meat, as well as for the flavourful Kani Miso (Roe). smaller than most other popular crab species, and they earn their nickname for the spiky hairs all over their shells. Their size can make them somewhat trickier to eat since their compactness provides dense, delicious meat with a firm texture and exceptional sweetness. 

Size is around 500g that comes in frozen form (pre-boiled) so you need to thaw it first. Leave it in the chiller overnight to thaw, and it's ready to be a chilled dish on its own, steamed, or on the grill. Once peeled it makes a great topping on rice too! 

This item is already boiled and all you need to do is just to thaw naturally and enjoy it as it is. The Kani-miso (crab innards) is treasured in Japanese cuisine as a delicacy. Please enjoy the hairy crab's flavor and its umami from the miso. 

Cooking methods:

Fully defrost the crab in the fridge overnight or in the kitchen for 3-4 hours. As the Kegani has already been pre-boiled, it can be eaten as it is after defrosting. 

Thawing Instructions

It is best to thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. The refrigerator method means the product can thaw, but it never gets warm enough for the bacteria to start breeding quickly, so it's safer to eat. 

Other thawing methods include: immersing frozen seafood in cold water for a short time in a sealed plastic bag or microwaving on a defrost setting until the fish is pliable but still icy.

Don't defrost the product in the microwave.