Special Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura 100g - limited availability
Special Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura 100g - limited availability
Special Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura 100g - limited availability
Special Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura 100g - limited availability

Special Hokkaido Shoyu Ikura 100g - limited availability

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The Hokkaido specialty of salmon roe pickled in salt or soy sauce has that unique sensation of bursting when you bite down on it after which that mellow and full-bodied flavor comes through. You can have the freshest ikura on sushi and bowls of rice.

This Shoyu Ikura (Soy Sauce Marinated Salmon Roe) from Hokkaido is a highly desired Ikura. Most restaurants use the ones from Alaska which is phenomenal as well, but this is already marinated so just thaw and serve. 

If you like fish and seafood, you just have to try Hokkaido's signature salmon roe bowl that makes you feel like visiting Sapporo. Sanchichokuso Hokkaido is a well-established izakaya famous for its overflowing version of this dish and many other delicious Hokkaido dish

Ikura Don いくら丼

It's a Japanese Rice Ball with Salmon Roe - a Japanese rice ball topped with brilliant pearls of Hokkaido salmon roe. It's a very simple recipe, just scoop rice into a serving bowl, then gently spoon onto the top of rice. Garnish with wasabi, nori stripes, and shiso, if desired. Note: You can use the Ikura as is, without marinating it. 

Uni Ikura Don うにいくら丼 

Hokkaido is known for its fresh seafood, especially uni sea urchin and Ikura salmon roe. Uni Ikura Don offers the luxury of having plenty of them over rice. The melting texture of fresh sea urchin goes perfectly with the pop-in-the-mouth texture of salmon roe.

Two species of sea urchin are mainly used for this dish in Hokkaido, Bafun Uni and Murasaki Uni, Ikura can be either marinated in sweet soy sauce or brined.

Kaisen Don 海鮮丼

Among various types of Kaisen Don, delicious seafood bowl served with a variety of seafood including sea urchin, salmon roe, scallops, and crabs, Uni Ikura Don is one of the most popular dishes for both the locals and visitors to enjoy the best ingredients that the season has to offer.

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