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Exploring Kita Murasaki Uni - Tachibana Suisan's Exquisite Offerings

For the initiated, the name "Tachibana Suisan" holds significant weight. Famous for their 橘の生雲丹 or  "Tachibana no Nama Uni" (Fresh Sea Urchin), this green-labeled brand is a beloved staple not just within the bustling Toyosu Market but also in fine dining establishments across Japan. With a reputation that puts it in league with the "Four Major Uni Brands," such as はだての生うに or "Hadate no Nama Uni," 東沢の生うに or "Higashizawa no Nama Uni," and 大千の生うに or "Daisen no Nama Uni," Tachibana Suisan's offerings are nothing short of culinary treasures. The Art and Craftsmanship of Tachibana Suisan The essence of Tachibana Suisan lies in their skillful handling of Murasaki Uni (Purple Sea Urchin). As depicted in the first photo, their Murasaki Uni...

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Special Sato (佐藤) Brand

September is always tough months for the Uni manufactures. This is the month of the transition as Bafun Uni start spawning and Murasaki Uni is still very soft. However, this Sato brand always deliver the best Uni around this season, especially when it comes to produce the best Murasaki Uni, there is no other like Sato brand. 

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