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Why Rishiri Konbu Is the Best

Rishiri Konbu, from the mineral-rich environment of Mount Rishiri Fuji, stands out as one of the island’s most luxurious products. It is naturally harvested, not farm-raised, contributing to its superior quality. Esteemed in Buddhist temples across Japan, Rishiri Konbu produces a clear, fragrant, and robust dashi broth, highly prized by chefs in Kyoto. The unique taste comes from the warm Oyashio current around Rishiri Island, cultivating konbu with strong stickiness and thickness. Versatile and high quality, Rishiri Konbu is perfect for soups, simmered dishes, yudofu, and more. Experience unparalleled flavor and quality with Rishiri Konbu, available at Hokkaido Uni Shop.

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