Special Sato (佐藤) Brand

September is always a tough month for the Uni manufacturers. This is the month of the transition as Uni quality is getting lesser. Bafun Uni starts spawning and Murasaki Uni is still very soft. However, this Sato brand always delivers the best Uni around this season, especially when it comes to producing the best Murasaki Uni, there is no other like Sato brand. 

This is one of the most sought-after Uni brands around this season offering the two types of grades: Regular and Special. 

The special one is known for the special arrangement that refers to a consistent size and a perfectly shaped portion of Uni being hand picked by the experienced Uni manufactures. 

Thus, this brand is commonly graded to the Premium. If you are looking for the best Uni in September, you won't go wrong with Sato Special. 

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