Exploring Kita Murasaki Uni - Tachibana Suisan's Exquisite Offerings

For the initiated, the name "Tachibana Suisan" holds significant weight. Famous for their 橘の生雲丹 or  "Tachibana no Nama Uni" (Fresh Sea Urchin), this green-labeled brand is a beloved staple not just within the bustling Toyosu Market but also in fine dining establishments across Japan.

With a reputation that puts it in league with the "Four Major Uni Brands," such as はだての生うに or "Hadate no Nama Uni," 東沢の生うに or "Higashizawa no Nama Uni," and 大千の生うに or "Daisen no Nama Uni," Tachibana Suisan's offerings are nothing short of culinary treasures.

The Art and Craftsmanship of Tachibana Suisan

The essence of Tachibana Suisan lies in their skillful handling of Murasaki Uni (Purple Sea Urchin). As depicted in the first photo, their Murasaki Uni is a sight to behold — elegantly arranged, showcasing the natural beauty of the product. On the other hand, the second image reveals their craft with Bafun Uni (Red Sea Urchin), captured in all its orange-hued, textured glory.

The Tactile Poetry of Uni

Artisans in the realm of Uni, like esteemed chefs and connoisseurs, often specialize in a specific type, honing their craft over years. Among the "Four Major Uni Brands," most focus on Murasaki Uni. Finding them venturing into Bafun Uni is quite rare but all the more tantalizing when they do. Such offerings are not only a delight but also a rarity that brings a rush of excitement to Toyosu Market and beyond.

An Exquisite Experience: Beyond Taste

The Uni itself offers a complex layering of flavors and textures. Sweet yet creamy, its characteristics create a lasting, mouth-watering impression that lingers long after the final bite. Within Tachibana's well-curated boxes of Uni, you'll notice most are treated with "myoban," a traditional preservative that maintains the roe's firmness. While some may argue that myoban adds an undertone of bitterness, Uni experts like Atsuji Kachibu advocate that this additive enhances the natural attributes of Uni, allowing its flavors to shine through.

The Tachibana Endorsement: A Badge of Quality

The quality of Tachibana's Uni is not merely a personal preference but rather an industry-wide acknowledgment. Seasoned Uni enthusiasts and critics, including Atsuji Kachibu, universally acclaim Tachibana's Uni, solidifying its esteemed position in the realm of fine dining.

The Final Note: Tachibana's Culinary Artistry

Tachibana Suisan has not merely established itself as a purveyor of high-quality Uni. It offers something much more intangible yet infinitely more valuable—a memorable culinary experience that epitomizes the art of fine dining. The next time you find yourself savoring a delicate spoonful of Uni, let the name "Tachibana" be a gentle reminder of the craft, artistry, and sheer passion that goes into creating such a sublime moment.

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