Hamanaka Farm-Raised Uni 浜中養殖雲丹

Hamanaka 浜中 is a seafood company in Hokkaido that produces farm-raised Uni. Quite possibly more than anywhere else, Hamanaka revers Uni as one of the most sublime delicacies there is. This shouldn't come as such a surprise when thinking how much Hamanaka dedicates to raise Uni on the farm. 

Especially the season like now, at the end of September, when all Uni supply is short due to the Uni's spawning season, their Uni is one of the most sought-after items by high-end Japanese restaurants. 

After harvesting Uni, they send the Uni materials to Uni manufacturers, these manufacturers are mostly located in Hokkaido, they are more than 50 manufactures around the region, powerhouse manufacturers like the Ogawa 小川 or Kimura 木村usually receive the most out of the Hamanaka Uni and make the Uni packs with the material and send them to the Uni market. 
Hamanaka 400g by Kimura
Hamanaka 300g by Kimura
Hamanaka 250g by Kimura
Hamanaka 250g by Ogawa
So September is always a tough month for the Uni manufacturers. This is the month of the transition as Uni quality is getting lesser. Bafun Uni starts spawning and Murasaki Uni is still very soft. However, this Hamanaka Uni always being a reliable source. 

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