Hadate Uni はだて雲丹 - S

Location: Hakodate, Hokkaido
Grade: S

Hadate uses the highest grade, premium Murasaki Uni from Hakodate, Hokkaido. They are very limited, rarely seen on the market and utilize freshly caught Murasaki Uni that is a very light shade of yellow. It is also called Shiro Uni in the markets and is famous for being much bigger in size and creamier.

The Hadate brand is well known throughout the world and often dominates No. #1~#10 on most auction days; they are famed for bringing in the highest quality Uni at the Uni market. Their half box shares the same level of quality but isn't as uniformly packed as their 350g boxes. Nonetheless, they are full of flavor and will not disappoint.

A half box Uni is more than enough to feed 2 diners, or 1 really big Uni lover!


エゾバフンウニが人気を誇る中、今でもキタムラサキ1本に絞って生産する「はだて」。その雑味の無い綺麗な旨みこそが雲丹であるという鮨屋は少なくありません。 その鮨屋の圧倒的な評価の中で、年始の初セリで30万の高値となりました。

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