Why Rishiri Konbu Is the Best

Our hometown, Rishiri, is rich in minerals thanks to Mount Rishiri Fuji, providing a bounty of natural resources. Among these treasures, Rishiri Konbu stands out as one of the island’s most luxurious products. Frequently asked why Rishiri Konbu is the best and what makes it special, we proudly present its exceptional qualities.



The Essence of Dashi Broth

Rishiri Konbu produces a dashi broth that is clear, fragrant, and rich in robust sea flavors. This premium dashi konbu is rare and hard to obtain, making it a sought-after ingredient among chefs, particularly in Kyoto. It is highly regarded for use in dishes like senmaizuke and yudofu, where its rich flavor is paramount.

The konbu pieces, generally measuring around 15 to 20 cm in length, are considered top-quality when harvested near Rishiri Island. Unlike the others from other regions often found in supermarkets, our Rishiri Konbu is the real deal, delivering authentic flavor and quality.

Why Rishiri Konbu Is So Delicious

The secret to Rishiri Konbu’s exceptional taste lies in the ocean currents around the island. The warm Oyashio current helps cultivate konbu with strong stickiness and thickness, characteristics prized by konbu enthusiasts and professionals.

Preparation and Use

After soaking Rishiri Konbu in water for about 15 minutes, it expands significantly in width, demonstrating its quality. For home cooking, such as hot pots, a third of a piece is sufficient for a family of four. Cut the konbu to the appropriate size based on your dish and enjoy the very delicious dashi it produces.

Versatility in Cooking

Rishiri Konbu is known for its high aroma and clear dashi with a slight saltiness, making it a favorite in Kyoto. It is versatile, suitable for use in soups, simmered dishes, yudofu, and more.

The Making of Rishiri Konbu

Rishiri Konbu is a biennial konbu, with the best quality leaves growing in the second year. Harvested from July to September, the process involves meticulous steps to ensure top quality. From harvesting and washing to sun-drying and trimming, each step preserves the konbu's natural benefits.

Types and Selection

Rishiri Konbu varies in quality and price based on its cultivation method and location. Wild konbu, naturally grown and harvested in small quantities, is the most expensive and flavorful. Cultivated konbu, grown with artificial support, is more common but less flavorful. The best quality comes from Rishiri and Rebun Islands, known as "Island Konbu," which is highly valued.


Rishiri Konbu is more than just a cooking ingredient; it is a testament to the rich tradition and natural abundance of Rishiri Island. Whether for a gourmet meal or a special gift, Rishiri Konbu offers unparalleled flavor and quality, making it the best choice for discerning chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Experience the authentic taste and superior performance of Rishiri Konbu, and elevate your culinary creations to new heights.

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