Yoneda Uni 雲丹 - S

Location: Rishiri, Hokkaido
Grade: S

Brand Name: Yoneta Uni
Origin: Rishiri island, Hokkaido 
Uni: Bafun, Murasaki 
Size: 250g~
Season: June – Sep

This is the premium Hokkaido Uni brand - Yoneta Uni. It's the top quality Uni produced by Yoneta Suisan (米田水産) in Rishiri Island, Hokkaido. 

Rishiri - perhaps one of the most remote spots in Japan, complete with a thriving Uni trade and Yoneta is one of two Uni producers in the region. Almost all of the island's local restaurants serve an array of Uni treats, from Uni Don and Uni Ramen and they use Yoneta's Uni. 


Rishiri Island, a small island off Japan's northernmost point, is well-known "Uni Heaven" with its Rishiri Uni often referred to as "Jewel of the Ocean". During peak season, almost 90% of Gokujo Uni (grade AAA) originate from this area and is one of the most sought-after items by Michelin Star restaurants worldwide.

*Rishiri Uni season is typically from June - September