Introducing the Tsubame Sanjyo Brand Japanese Dry Bonito Grater at Hokkaido Uni Shop

At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we are dedicated to offering the finest authentic Japanese items. Today, we are excited to present the Tsubame Sanjyo Brand Japanese Dry Bonito Grater – an essential tool for enthusiasts of Japanese cuisine around the world!

Discover Authentic Flavors

This manual slicer is perfect for creating fresh, fragrant bonito flakes (katsuobushi), a staple in dashi soup and various Japanese dishes. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, this tool brings the authentic flavors of Japanese cuisine straight to your kitchen, enhancing your dishes with the unmistakable umami that only freshly shaved katsuobushi can provide.

Innovative Design for Clean Cooking

The cleverly designed flakes catcher drawer collects all the shaved bonito flakes, ensuring your cooking area remains clean and tidy. Cleanup is a breeze, and the special wooden lid provides a safe storage solution by keeping the blade securely tucked away when not in use.

Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Each Tsubame Sanjyo Brand bonito grater is handcrafted by skilled artisans in Japan, embodying a dedication to quality and precision. This tool is not merely about enhancing the flavors in your dishes; it's about incorporating a piece of Japan's rich culinary tradition into your home.
Preparation Tips for Perfect Bonito Flakes

  1. Blade Adjustment: For ideal flakes, adjust the blade to protrude about 0.1mm (roughly the thickness of a sheet of paper) to avoid creating powder.
  2. Softening Hard Bonito: Briefly warm the surface of hard bonito over low heat for 30 seconds to facilitate smoother shaving.
  3. Keep Your Blade Sharp: A dull blade will not produce quality flakes. Maintain the sharpness of your blade for the best results.

How to Skillfully Shave Bonito Flakes

  1. Shave Before Use: To capture the best aroma and flavor, shave the bonito flakes immediately before cooking.
  2. Clean Your Bonito: For honkarebushi, it's important to remove any surface mold with a damp or dry cloth prior to use.
  3. Shaving Technique: Ensure optimal results by shaving from the skinless side towards you, with the tapered end facing towards you, and avoid shaving against the grain.

Enjoy the art of Japanese cooking with the Tsubame Sanjyo Brand Japanese Dry Bonito Grater. It's not just a tool; it's a gateway to exploring authentic, flavorful Japanese dishes that are sure to impress anyone who experiences them.

A Legacy of Quality: The "Katsuobako"

Our company refers to "katsuobushi shaving tools" as "Katsuobako." This product is our original creation, continuously produced since the Showa era. The "Professional Use" katsuobushi shaving tool features an Aogami steel blade, the same steel used in high-quality knives. The outer box is made of tamo wood, and the plane base is made of oak, making it a genuine katsuobushi shaving tool. The High Type is the highest-grade product in our Katsuobako line.

The Professional Touch

The professional-use model does not have a drawer, allowing for a heavier, more durable blade with excellent sharpness, capable of filling the box with shaved katsuobushi. It also features non-slip feet. The High Type uses a high-grade Aogami plane blade crafted by artisans in Yoita, Niigata Prefecture. We are honored that this plane blade is also used by Kiyama in Kyoto, a Michelin-starred establishment.

Calligraphy with a Message

The calligraphy, wishing to "leap beyond Japan and into the world," was created by calligrapher Shimoida Saimizu from Kamo City, Niigata Prefecture.

Versatile Uses of Bonito Flakes

Shavings that become powder can be used as natural furikake (seasoning), enhancing the flavor of rice or miso soup—highly recommended. The larger flakes can complement tofu or ohitashi (boiled greens), and are also excellent on tamago kake gohan (rice with raw egg).

Katsuobushi is divided into male (back) and female (belly) parts. Each bonito yields four katsuobushi pieces: two male and two female.

*Note: Since natural wood is used, the grain and color may vary between products. Avoid washing with water to prevent damage. Please refer to the care instructions in the manual. This product does not include katsuobushi. Only the tool is sold.*