Discover the Art of Melon Ripeness with Tosa Tokuno Melon Farms

At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we take pride in sourcing exceptional produce directly from local Japanese farmers, bypassing traditional intermediaries to bring you the freshest and most exquisite flavors. This commitment extends to our latest offering: Japanese musk melons from Tosa Tokuno Melon Farms. We are thrilled to introduce a new educational YouTube video produced by Tokuno that dives deep into the complexities of melon ripeness.


Here is a brief summery of the video; 

Melon Ripeness: A Masterclass with Morioka from Ikka Souden Muskmelon

Understanding the ripeness of a melon is more art than science, and Morioka, a renowned expert from Ikka Souden Muskmelon, provides a detailed explanation through a comparison of two specific melons, named Melon A and Melon B.

Visual Cues and Textural Insights

Morioka starts by highlighting the challenges in visually distinguishing the ripeness of Melons A and B. He advises that the key to differentiation lies in the tactile experience—feeling the melons for subtle differences, a skill that requires expertise to perfect.

Live Cutting Demonstration

In a compelling demonstration, Morioka cuts into the firmer Melon A, which unexpectedly releases a significant amount of juice. This contrasts with the softer Melon B, which, although juicier, indicates an overripe state through its transparency and altered taste. This demonstration encourages viewers to actively engage and develop their own assessments of melon ripeness.

Taste Test and Flavor Comparison

Through tasting, Morioka elaborates on the flavor profiles of each melon. Melon A maintains the true essence of melon flavor, indicative of perfect ripeness, while Melon B shows signs of overripeness, losing some of the freshness desired by melon aficionados.

Engaging with Consumers

Morioka extends an invitation to viewers to reach out to Ikka Souden Muskmelon's customer service if they encounter similar issues with their melons. This proactive engagement aims to enhance customer satisfaction and deepen understanding of produce quality.

Why This Matters

The ability to discern the perfect ripeness of a melon is crucial not only for enjoying the fruit at its best but also for minimizing food waste. Through Morioka's expert guidance, viewers can gain invaluable insights into selecting and appreciating high-quality melons, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.


Tosa Tokuno Melon Farms exemplifies the dedication to quality and education that Hokkaido Uni Shop stands for. By connecting directly with skilled farmers and sharing their knowledge through platforms like YouTube, we aim to empower our customers with the expertise needed to enjoy the finest produce Japan has to offer.

Watch the full video here and experience the true art of melon ripeness at Tosa Tokuno Melon Farms.

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