Yura Aka Uni 50g - Limited Availability

Yura Aka Uni 50g - Limited Availability

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Awaji Island's Gem:
Sourced from the pristine waters off Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, our Aka Uni is a testament to nature's bounty and the diver's dedication. Procured through free diving, this "Red Uni" comes to you completely free from additives, preserving its authentic taste and texture.

The Phantom of the Deep:
What makes Red Uni stand out from its counterparts like Bafun Uni and Murasaki Uni is its deep-water habitat, often nestled under rocks, evading capture. This elusive nature combined with the care needed during its harvest - as the slightest mishap can lead it to shed its protective spines - has earned it the nickname "phantom Uni" in the Kanto region.

Unique Presentation:
At Hokkaido Uni Shop, we pride ourselves in the diverse range of Unis we offer. Yet, this "upside-down Uni" stands out not just for its taste but also its unique arrangement, contrasting with the traditional Uni presentation. The intense sweetness and rich flavor of the Red Uni, however, is truly unmatched and represents the pinnacle of our collection.

Experience Exclusive Luxury:
Aka Uni from Yura isn't just food; it's an experience. Reserved for Tokyo's most elite sushi establishments, it now graces our selection, ready to elevate your dining experience. With its striking appearance and exceptional taste, it's the perfect centerpiece for special occasions or a memorable gift for someone dear.

Indulge in luxury; indulge in Aka Uni from Yura