Tourt (Yukimasu) H&G 1.4lbs
Tourt (Yukimasu) H&G 1.4lbs

Tourt (Yukimasu) H&G 1.4lbs

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Introducing Shinano Yukimasu: A Unique Delicacy from Nagano, Japan

We are excited to offer Shinano Yukimasu. This fish has become a culinary highlight in the Shinano region, known for its exquisite taste and versatile cooking potential.

Key Characteristics:

  • Origin: Introduced to Nagano, Japan. 
  • Size: Typically grows up to 40 cm in length for about 1.5lbs.

Culinary Flexibility:

  • Sashimi: Offers a fresh, delicate white meat with a subtle sweetness.
  • Meunière: Gently cooking enhances its tender texture.
  • Deep-Fried: Involves drying, battering, and frying at 180-190°C.
  • Grilled with Salt: The "tate-shio" method (3% saltwater soak) is recommended for even seasoning and moisture removal.

Discover the rich flavors of Shinano Yukimasu, a testament to the successful adaptation and culinary innovation in Nagano Prefecture. Perfect for a range of cooking styles, this fish promises a delightful taste experience.