Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" AAA
Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" AAA
Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" AAA

Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" AAA

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About Our Kaneshin Box Uni:

Our treasure this month is the exquisite Kaneshin Box Uni, a hidden gem predominantly savored by the locals of Hokkaido and a rare delight in the global market. Its impeccable freshness, nuanced flavor, and delightfully rich texture make it the epitome of culinary luxury.

Harvested from the pristine waters of Hokkaido, this Gokujo AAA grade Uni promises a sensational experience. Its ethereal sweetness and sublime texture, synonymous with the highest quality Bafun Uni, will enrapture your senses.

Quick Details:

  • Brand Name: Kaneshin
  • Origin: Hokkaido
  • Type: Bafun Uni
  • Color: Vibrant Orange
  • Size: Approximately 200g
  • Availability: All year (subject to market availability)

Culinary & Storage Tips:

  • Consumption: Ideal for Sushi, Sashimi, Chirashi, and Gunkan Maki (wrapped in nori).
  • Storage: Keep it refrigerated to maintain freshness. Freezing is not recommended.

Pre-Order & Delivery:

Due to its rare availability, this masterpiece is exclusively available for pre-order, typically taking 7 - 10 days for processing and an additional 24 hours for delivery via UPS Overnight in the U.S.


  • Availability is limited, and market prices are subject to fluctuation.
  • We ensure meticulous packaging; however, any damages incurred during UPS handling should be claimed with UPS.

Dive into an ocean of taste with our Kaneshin Box Uni, where every bite is a homage to the rich culinary tapestry of Hokkaido.