Tosa Yama Premium Ginger Ale 200ml

Tosa Yama Premium Ginger Ale 200ml

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Tosa Yama Ginger Ale 200ml

Hokkaido Uni Shop is pleased to introduce Tosa Yama Ginger Premium 200ml, a spicy ginger ale with a strong emphasis on the pungency and aroma of ginger. This drink perfectly captures the unique flavor and fragrance of organically grown ginger, carefully cultivated from soil preparation to harvest. It is a representative beverage of Tosa Yama's distinct taste.

Packaging: 6 bottles per package (Spicy Type: Contains red chili peppers from Tosa Yama, enhancing the distinctive dry sensation)


The drink offers a smooth throat feel followed by a sudden warmth, showcasing the full impact of the abundant organic ginger. This long-selling product has been popular since 2010, available in two main varieties: the spicy 01 Premium and the sweet 02 Mild. In 2019, the line expanded to include health-conscious spicy and mild options sweetened with beet granulated sugar from Hokkaido, bringing the total to four varieties.

Unique Ingredients:
Tosa Yama's special yuzu juice, grown without pesticides, adds a refreshing aftertaste. All these ingredients are blended with water from the Kurokawa headwaters, selected as one of the 100 best waters of the Heisei era, creating a ginger ale truly deserving of the name "Tosa Yama Spirits. 

Enjoy the authentic taste and health benefits of Tosa Yama Ginger Ale, crafted with the finest organic ingredients and purest water.