Madai (Ikejime)
Madai (Ikejime)
Madai (Ikejime)

Madai (Ikejime)

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Japanese Madai, also known as sea bream, is raised commercially on the island of Kyushu. Our products come from a farm in Japan that is widely regarded as the best of its kind. In Japan, people usually just say "Tai" when they mean "Madai." 

Japanese people have traditionally served Madai for special occasions like the birth of a child, the wedding of close relatives, or as a gift to influential people. Madai may be best known in the United States as a sushi topping, but it has a wide range of uses in its native Japan.

Average piece weighs roughly from 4.00lb but sizes will vary. 


Pre-order note

This item must be pre-ordered since it is caught and directly transported fresh from Japan. As orders come in, we send them to our local team, ensuring that none is wasted and that every order is filled with fresh fish from the world's best seafood professionals. 

Approximately 2.25- LB/PC per piece
Origin: Japan