Keiji 1.0lb
Keiji 1.0lb
Keiji 1.0lb
Keiji 1.0lb

Keiji 1.0lb

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This is most likely the world's most expensive salmon! Keiji is a type of baby salmon that is extremely rare. One piece of Keiji sushi nigiri costs around $50-$60 at the restaurant.

This is due to the fact that only one out of every ten thousand salmons caught in Japan is keiji, and each one comes with a certificate. You can enjoy the packed Umami of the wild prestigious Keiji, as opposed to a farm raise salmon. As a result, the flesh is sweet and tender, with little salmon flavor.

Size: Approximately 1.0 lb per piece (makes approximately 24 pieces of Salmon sashimi)
Type: Fresh (hand-processed, sorted, and packaged by our experts)
Origin: Hokkaido  

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