Iriko (Dried Anchovies)
Iriko (Dried Anchovies)

Iriko (Dried Anchovies)

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Premium Iriko from Seto Inland Sea

Hokkaido Uni Shop is pleased to introduce our premium Iriko (dried sardines) from the Seto Inland Sea.

**Ideal Environment of Seto Inland Sea:**
The Seto Inland Sea offers the perfect conditions for producing high-quality iriko. The anchovies caught here are extremely fresh, thanks to the short time from catch to boiling and drying. This quick process helps maintain their exceptional freshness, making the Seto Inland Sea an ideal location for iriko production.

Handpicked Quality:
We carefully select and hand-pack only the finest iriko from the Seto Inland Sea, ensuring that you receive the best quality available.

Rich Flavor:
Large iriko provide a rich, deep fish broth that enhances any dish. These high-quality iriko are delicious even when eaten as-is, without any bitterness or harsh aftertaste.

Product Details:

- Grade: AAA
- Ingredients: Anchovy (Seto Inland Sea), Salt
- Content: 150g
- Production Area: Kagawa Prefecture, Ehime Prefecture
- Shelf Life: 90 days

Enjoy the exquisite taste and quality of our hand-selected iriko, perfect for adding depth to your soups and dishes or as a flavorful snack.