Special Tachibana Uni
Special Tachibana Uni
Special Tachibana Uni

Special Tachibana Uni

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Tachibana Suisan's Kita Murasaki Uni:

Quick Details:

  • Brand: Tachibana Suisan, one of the "Four Major Uni Brands"
  • Type: Kita Murasaki Uni
  • Condition: Fresh
  • Weight: 300g
  • Origin: Hakodate, Hokkaido

Why Tachibana Suisan's Uni Stands Out:

Celebrated in Toyosu Market and high-end eateries across Japan, Tachibana Suisan is a symbol of culinary mastery. Specializing in Murasaki Uni, this green-labeled treasure offers a complex layering of sweet and creamy flavors, creating a lingering, unforgettable taste experience.

Our Uni is not just a delicacy but a work of art—each piece skillfully handled and arranged to showcase its natural beauty. Tachibana Suisan sets the standard for quality and artistry in fine dining.

Limited Availability

Due to high demand, our stock is limited. Seize this opportunity to relish a culinary experience that combines craft, artistry, and unmatched flavor.

Order your Tachibana Suisan Kita Murasaki Uni today and indulge in the essence of fine dining. 🌟