Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" Murasaki
Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" Murasaki

Special Box Uni (箱) "KANESHIN" Murasaki

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In the bustling world of seafood gastronomy, when enthusiasts often approach us with the query, “Which is the finest Uni available today?” Our unwavering recommendation for this month remains the prestigious Kaneshin Box Uni.

A treasure trove within Hokkaido, Kaneshin is our unanimous choice. While its recognition might not have crossed the global shores, given its local predominance, we're elated to bridge this culinary marvel to your doorstep. Its unparalleled fusion of freshness, intricate flavors, and the richness of its texture ensures it stands in a class of its own.

The allure of the Special White Box Uni is that its appearances in the market are fleeting. Packed within this exclusive box is the illustrious Gokujo AAA grade Uni. Harvested fresh from the Hokkaido coastlines, this Murasaki Uni variant, characterized by its modest size and heightened sweetness, pledges an unforgettable gustatory journey.

Brand Details

  • Brand Name: Kaneshin
  • Origin: Hokkaido
  • Variety: Murasaki
  • Hue: Rich Orange
  • Weight: Approx. 200g
  • Availability: Year-round, though due to its exclusive nature, we cannot always guarantee availability. Early reservations are advisable.