Shime Saba

Shime Saba

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Shime Saba: Traditional Japanese Delicacy

Quick Details:

  • Type: Frozen Shime Saba (Marinated Mackerel)
  • Condition: Frozen, expertly preserved for freshness
  • Weight: Approximately 110-119g per fillet
  • Origin: Japan

About Shime Saba:

Shime Saba is a classic in Japanese cuisine, known for its rich, oily texture and deep flavor. It is mackerel that has been skillfully marinated in vinegar and salt, a process that enhances its taste and preserves its freshness. This preparation, known as "shime," gives the fish its characteristic tangy flavor and firm texture, making it a favorite among sushi and sashimi lovers.

Our Shime Saba comes frozen, ensuring that the delicate taste and texture are perfectly maintained from catch to kitchen. The individual fillets, each weighing around 110-119 grams, are ideal for a range of culinary applications, whether you're creating traditional Japanese dishes or experimenting with international flavors.

Ensure the best culinary experience with our frozen Shime Saba, a versatile and flavorful choice for any seafood enthusiast.

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