AAA Ariake Nature's Nori 10pcs
AAA Ariake Nature's Nori 10pcs

AAA Ariake Nature's Nori 10pcs

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Premium Grade (AAA) Mixed Seaweed - Roasted Seaweed Sheets from Ariake Sea

It is extremely crisp and rare delicacy of our Premium Grade (AAA) Mixed Seaweed, exclusively harvested during the limited season of November to December. This top-tier seaweed, originating from the Ariake Sea - Japan's largest and pioneering region in seaweed cultivation, offers a unique gastronomic experience.

Distinctive Features of Our Mixed Seaweed:

  • Blend of Black and Green Nori: This seaweed is a refined mix of traditional black seaweed and naturally grown green nori, creating a blend that's highly coveted by seaweed connoisseurs.
  • Ariake Sea Origin: Harvested from the nutrient-rich waters of the Ariake Sea in Kumamoto Prefecture, our seaweed boasts a mild, pleasing flavor and a superior mouthfeel.
  • Ichiban Tsumi Harvest: We use only the first harvest of the year, known as "Ichiban Tsumi," renowned for its softer texture, rich flavor, and enhanced umami.

Sensory Experience:

  • Flavor Profile: Our seaweed delivers a symphony of tastes - the natural sweetness of black seaweed, the briny essence of green nori, and a delicate hint of bitterness, all combining to create an exceptional balance.
  • Culinary Versatility: Revered as the "phantom mix" among enthusiasts, this seaweed is perfect for various dishes, enhancing flavors and adding a gourmet touch.

Product Details:

  • Grade: AAA Premium Quality
  • Ingredients: Select dried seaweed from the Ariake Sea
  • Net Weight: 220g, comprising 10 full sheets
  • Storage Instructions: To maintain freshness and quality, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, and avoid high temperatures and humidity.
  • Shelf Life: Enjoy its best quality within 2 years of purchase.

Explore the exquisite taste of our Premium Grade Mixed Seaweed, a testament to the rich heritage and quality of Japan's seaweed cultivation.