Frozen Tako (Octopus) Leg Large
Frozen Tako (Octopus) Leg Large
Frozen Tako (Octopus) Leg Large

Frozen Tako (Octopus) Leg Large

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Coming from Japan Sashimi grade. Already boiled; simply allow to defrost and consume! With the Whole Cleaned Octopus pack, cleaning octopuses is simplified and made less messy. With this pack, the beaks and cartilage can be quickly removed while the octopus can be prepared to your preferences. The portioned pack is vacuum-packed to preserve fresh flavor and is a good source of protein and iron.

2.2 LB pack (Frozen) 
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How to prepare Sushi and Sashimi with Tako 

Tako with a weight of about five pounds are believed to have the best flavor for sushi due to their firm meat, abundant umami, and sweet smells and aromas. In most cases, the flesh of the tako is first kneaded for at least half an hour in order to soften it, and then the tako is boiled (yudedako) in water in order to make it even more pliable. Just before serving, you should give the meat one last little whack with the flat side of the knife to finish the tenderizing process.


How to prepare a frozen product?

Storage Instructions

All Frozen products must be kept frozen at 0° F ( -18°C) or Below. When storing fresh seafood, keep it in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Make sure your home refrigerator is operating at 40°F or lower.  For Fresh Seafood: to preserve the best quality keep Fish under ice while in the refrigerator.  (Note: Fish will lose quality and deteriorate rapidly with higher storage temperature)

Thawing Instructions

It is best to thaw frozen seafood in the refrigerator overnight. Other thawing methods include: immersing frozen seafood in cold water for a short time in a sealed plastic bag or microwaving on a defrost setting until the fish is pliable but still icy.