Ora King Salmon Fillet 3.0lbs
Ora King Salmon Fillet 3.0lbs
Ora King Salmon Fillet 3.0lbs

Ora King Salmon Fillet 3.0lbs

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Ora King Salmon: New Zealand's Premium Sustainably Farmed Delicacy

We are proud to offer Ora King Salmon, a top-tier delicacy sustainably farmed in the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand. Renowned for its availability throughout the year, Ora King Salmon is a consistent favorite among seafood enthusiasts.

Key Features:

- Sustainably Farmed: Raised with a commitment to environmental sustainability, ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.
- High Fat Content: Boasting a remarkable 25% fat content, Ora King Salmon offers a luxuriously buttery and smooth texture, elevating every dining experience.
- Versatile Culinary Uses: Ideal for a variety of preparations. Enjoy it raw in sashimi or crudo to truly savor its flavor, or explore its deliciousness in pan-seared or grilled dishes.

Why Choose Ora King Salmon?

1. Unmatched Quality: This salmon is revered for its exceptional quality, making it a staple in fine dining establishments worldwide.
2. Flavorful and Tender: The high fat content imparts a rich, luscious taste, ensuring a memorable culinary experience.
3. Year-Round Availability: Enjoy this exquisite salmon any time of the year, thanks to sustainable farming practices.

Order your Ora King Salmon today from Hokkaido Uni Shop and experience the pinnacle of New Zealand's aquaculture excellence.