Mana Gatsuo  3.5lbs

Mana Gatsuo 3.5lbs

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Mana-Katsuo: A Delightful Culinary Voyage

Key Specifications:

  • Type: Mana-Katsuo (Imitation Bonito/Butterfish)
  • Classification: Shiromi (White Fish)
  • Size: Around 3.5lbs
  • Season: Summer
  • Availability: Rare, A Cherished Find
  • Origin: Celebrated Mainly in Japan and Southeast Asian Regions like Singapore

Guidance for a Remarkable Culinary Experience:

  • Preparation Perfection: Steamed to unlock a realm of sweetness and tender delight.
  • Seasonal Harmony: Best enjoyed in the warm embrace of summer, where it reveals its full flavor profile.
  • Exquisite Rarity: A rare find, each Mana-Katsuo is a prized culinary jewel, ensuring a unique dining experience.

Embark on the Mana-Katsuo Adventure:

Mana-Katsuo invites you on a journey—an exploration of taste, tradition, and the extraordinary. Experience the legacy of a cherished delicacy, where each serving is a passage through rich histories and the profound beauty of the aquatic world.