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Kamasu (Barracuda) - A Swift Delicacy from Japan

Discover the thrill of Kamasu, known for its speed and agility in the ocean. Capable of reaching up to sixty miles per hour, these predatory fish can grow up to five feet. However, the Kamasu selected for sushi are of a much smaller variety, typically weighing less than a pound. Sourced from the renowned waters of Kanagawa Prefecture, just south of Tokyo, our Kamasu is a testament to quality and taste.

Product Details:

  • Type: Kamasu (Barracuda)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.70 LB per piece (sizes may vary)
  • Origin: Japan
  • Peak Season: Fall to Winter
  • Note: The actual weight of the product may vary.

Culinary Significance:

Kamasu is highly valued in sushi cuisine for its distinct flavor and texture. Sushi chefs often prefer smaller Kamasu, weighing less than a pound, for their delicate balance of taste.

Pre-order Process:

Due to our commitment to freshness and sustainability, this item is available through pre-order. We ensure each Kamasu is caught and transported directly from Japan, with every order meticulously managed by our local team. This approach guarantees minimal waste and maximizes the quality of the fish we provide to our customers.

Pre-Order Note:

Please allow for an estimated process time of approximately 7 - 10 days after placing your order. Once the order arrives from Japan, it usually takes 24 hours to process it for delivery. We are dedicated to bringing the best of Japanese seafood directly to your table.

Embrace the exquisite taste of authentic Japanese Kamasu by placing your pre-order today, and experience a unique delicacy cherished in the world of sushi cuisine.