Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)
Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)
Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)

Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)

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Kinme Dai & Ji-Kinme: Delicate Tastes of Japan's Deep Waters 🌊

  • Origin: Chiba, Japan
  • Size: Averages at approximately 1.60 LB/PC (Around 1.2kg)
  • Type: Fresh, Directly Transported
  • Special Note: Pre-order essential for peak freshness
  • Flavor Profile: Distinctive for its lovely pinkish-red hue and notable gold eyes, offering a taste that's both rich and delicate.

About Our Kinme Dai & Ji-Kinme:

Dive into a unique Japanese culinary experience with our Kinme Dai and Ji-Kinme offerings. The Kinme Dai, known for its captivating deep-water origin, boasts an exquisite pinkish-red color paired with striking gold eyes. Its taste, as profound as its origin, is cherished in various dishes.

Ji-Kinme offers a regional twist, embodying local varieties reminiscent of Kinme Dai. Notably, the Cho-shi brand from Chiba stands out, exemplifying the regional variations Ji-Kinme is known for. While Kinme Dai is a luxury, with the finest coming from regions like Izu and the Boso Peninsula, Ji-Kinme Dai from Choshi, Katsuura, and Shimoda holds a special status, being celebrated for its exceptional thickness and fat content.

Pre-Order Note:

The deep-sea allure of Kinme Dai and Ji-Kinme requires precision in sourcing. Thus, we emphasize pre-orders to ensure you receive the freshest catch, direct from Japan's abundant seas. With each order, our dedicated team in Japan ensures meticulous handling, capturing the essence of these luxury fishes in their peak state.

Experience the nuanced tastes of Kinme Dai and Ji-Kinme, truly iconic gems from the depths of Japan’s waters. Secure your pre-order today and indulge in a seafood journey that beautifully melds tradition, taste, and regional pride. 🐟🍣