Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)
Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)
Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)

Ji-Kinmedai (Premium)

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About Kinme Dai and Ji-Kinme, They're both tasty types of fish we use in our dishes.
Kinme Dai is a deep-water fish, known for its lovely pinkish-red color and big, gold eyes.

Now, Ji-Kinme is a bit different. It usually means a local or regional variety of fish similar to Kinme Dai. The specifics can vary depending on the region, the popular one is Cho-shi brand from Chiba so it's a bit like a local twist on the classic Kinme Dai.

he best Kinme Dai, a luxury fish, comes from places like Izu and Boso Peninsula. The highest grade, called Ji-Kinme Dai, is caught in Choshi, Katsuura, and Shimoda due to the excellent thickness and fat of the fish. Despite being deep-sea fish living far from ports, the Kinme Dai fishing grounds are close enough for day-trip operations in these regions.

Origin: Chiba, Japan
Size: Around 1.2kg


Pre-order note

This item must be pre-ordered since it is caught and directly transported fresh from Japan. As orders come in, we send them to our local team, ensuring that none is wasted and that every order is filled with fresh fish from the world's best seafood professionals. 

Approximately 1.60- LB/PC per piece
Origin: Japan