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Amadai or Tilefish - A type of Tai, this fish belongs to the Sea Bream family and has watery flesh. It's best consumed between October and March, and the red and white varieties are usually more popular because the yellow variety isn't as flavorful.

The majority of this species' catch comes from Japan, specifically the southern half of the main island and the waters below. It is one of the most prized fish among Kyoto Kaiseki chefs despite its high price.

The top of this fish's head is nearly in the shape of a square. The eyes are stunning, and they are rather huge. The body is coated with scales that are very huge in comparison to those of sea bream, but they are not as thick as those scales. The tenderness of the fresh is really high.


Pre-order note

This item must be pre-ordered since it is caught and directly transported fresh from Japan. As orders come in, we send them to our local team, ensuring that none is wasted and that every order is filled with fresh fish from the world's best seafood professionals. 

Approximately 0.8- 2.00LB/PC per piece
Origin: Japan