Premium Saba (wild)
Premium Saba (wild)
Premium Saba (wild)

Premium Saba (wild)

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Saba is a type of mackerel. It is a popular grilled fish as well as a staple in sushi cuisine. Before being sliced into sushi or sashimi, saba is frequently marinated in vinegar and salt. Shime saba is the name given to this preparation. From September to February is its busiest season. Although many sushi chefs cure it as "shime-saba," it can also be grilled, cooked, and cured. Each piece weighs about 1.5 pounds on average, but sizes will vary.

Saba is classified as a hikarimono, or silver-skinned fish. This broad category of sushi fish is oily and fatty, and it often degrades quickly. Because of this rapid degradation, Saba is frequently pickled.

Approximately 1.50- LB/PC per piece

Origin: Japan


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This item must be pre-ordered since it is caught and directly transported fresh from Japan. As orders come in, we send them to our local team, ensuring that none is wasted and that every order is filled with fresh fish from the world's best seafood professionals.