AAA Bafun Uni "Hamanaka"  400g
AAA Bafun Uni "Hamanaka"  400g
AAA Bafun Uni "Hamanaka"  400g

AAA Bafun Uni "Hamanaka" 400g

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Hamanaka Uni: A Symphony of Oceanic Elegance 

Quick Details:

  • Brand: Hamanaka (浜中)
  • Origin: Hokkaido
  • Type: Bafun Uni
  • Color: Lustrous Orange
  • Size: Luxurious 400g
  • Peak Season: September

Discover the Hamanaka Distinction:

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled elegance of our Hamanaka Uni. Harvested with reverence and a commitment to excellence, this AAA grade Bafun Uni offers a tantalizing experience of Hokkaido’s oceanic bounty.

Why Choose Hamanaka?

Hamanaka, a prestigious name in seafood, celebrates Uni as a divine culinary treasure. With an unwavering dedication to quality, Hamanaka nurtures and harvests farm-raised Uni, ensuring a consistent supply of this majestic delicacy even during scarcity in spawning seasons.

From Harvest to Your Table:

Post-harvest, our Uni embarks on a meticulous journey through renowned manufacturers in Hokkaido, transforming into the extraordinary packs that grace high-end Japanese restaurants. Entrusted mainly to esteemed houses like Ogawa (小川) and Kimura (木村), the Hamanaka Uni is curated with precision and mastery.

Seasonal Elegance:

September signifies a transitional brilliance, a period where each Uni resonates with a rare, captivating charm, despite the natural challenges of the spawning season.

Culinary & Storage Guidance:

  • Savoring Suggestions: Perfect in Sushi, Sashimi, Chirashi, and Gunkan Maki.
  • Storage Wisdom: For optimal freshness, refrigerate (avoid freezing), ensuring it’s enjoyed in its most enchanting form.

Pre-Order & Delivery Nuances:

  • Pre-Order Availability: Exclusive pre-order, enveloping a 7 - 10 day meticulous preparation process.
  • Delivery Details: Dispatched via UPS Overnight for a swift and delicate arrival at your doorstep.

Kindly Note:

  • Availability: A prized delicacy with limited availability — securing early is advised.
  • Market Sensitivity: Price subject to market variation and availability.
  • Delivery Care: Our commitment is to impeccable packaging; for any delivery concerns during transit with UPS, kindly liaise directly with them.

Experience the enchantment of Hamanaka Uni — where each moment is a dedication to the art of oceanic elegance.