AAA Ariake Sea Salt Nori
AAA Ariake Sea Salt Nori

AAA Ariake Sea Salt Nori

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Hokkaido Uni Shop is pleased to introduce our premium Sea Salt Nori from Ariake. 

Product Details:

-  Grade: AAA
-  Ingredients: Dried Nori from Ariake Sea, Kumamoto Prefecture
-  Content: 8 cuts, equivalent to 5 full sheets
-  Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and high humidity.

Almost 100% of the nori we seaweed farmers produce is shipped to our fisheries cooperatives, where it's evaluated based on "blackness" and "luster." Unfortunately, important factors like "crisp texture," "melting sensation," "flavor," and "umami" are not considered. This forces many farmers to prioritize appearance over taste.

We are committed to changing this. Our goal is to make nori that people find genuinely delicious, focusing on taste rather than just appearance. We aim to increase awareness of nori's true value and eventually change the industry's evaluation standards.

Why You'll Love It:
- Addictive Flavor: Once you start eating, you won't be able to stop. Perfect as a snack or with drinks!
- Professional Approval: Our seasoned nori is recognized by professionals and used in Michelin-starred restaurants in Western countries.
- Versatile Use:Enjoy it with rice, in onigiri, as a salad or pasta topping, or as a standalone snack.
- Nutrient-Rich: Compared to traditional nori, it retains more umami, minerals, and vitamins.