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Chuo Ichiba 中央市場

We frequently visit Chuo Ichiba in Sapporo, Hokkaido, also known as the Central Wholesale Market, to see what is available or what the currently in season is, and we get in touch with our global clients directly from here to update them on the items' conditions. There is also a ton of selling and purchasing going on here starting in the early morning. We enjoy working the energetic environment here. Along with seafood purchasers like us, it's a must-see place if you visit Hokkaido.Let's introduce a few aspects of this market, which is among the biggest for seafood in the world.In this packed market, you might find fresh produce, seafood, and other specialty items from Hokkaido and other regions of Japan....

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What Makes “Uni” Sea Urchin from Hokkaido So Special?

Creamy, plump, rich in briny umami and with a gentle sweetness, uni (sea urchin) from Hokkaido is an absolute delicacy. Uni comes in several varieties and is harvested nationwide across Japan, but those from Hokkaido are particularly venerated and highly prized. What makes them so special? Here we decipher the secrets behind the exceptional quality of uni from the northern island of Japan.

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A Rare Sea Urchin That is Hard to Find, Even at Toyosu Where The World's Top Uni Gather

Hello, everyone! This is Kimi from Hokkaido Uni Shop.  Today, I would like to introduce you to the valuable and delicious sea urchin that even connoisseurs at Uni (sea urchin) market, who are watching sea urchin every day, would be excited to see arrive and would try their best to get the best Uni available.  'Valuable sea urchin' is frankly... (IMHO) ... sea urchin that is rare to produce.First, take a look at this image. What are the characteristics of the sea urchin in this photo?To me, The green label Sea urchin is a whitish color The grain is large Lined up neatly and look luxurious These are what I was impressed with... Next, look at this picture. What are the...

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