Rishiri Uni - "Jewel of the Ocean"

Rishiri Island, a small island off Japan's northernmost point - perhaps one of the most remote spots in Japan, is well-known "Uni Heaven" with its Rishiri Uni often referred to as "Jewel of the Ocean".

During peak season, almost 90% of Gokujo Uni (grade AAA) originate from this area and is one of the most sought-after items by Michelin Star restaurants worldwide.

The reason why this region has long been known as a major producer of Japanese Uni is because of its kelp-rich waters.

Kelp or Kombu in Japanese is another specialty of the island, with Rishiri Kombu being one of six Hokkaido-only varieties. and these Rishiri Uni feed on Rishiri Kombu. 

Given it is northerly latitude, the waters get very cold and the diet rich in Kombu which is abundant in Rishiri oceans , Rishiri Uni is considered to be the best of all Hokkaido.
They have a rich deep flavor and slightly sweet taste of the ocean (meaning never fishy but instead, has delicate traces of the ocean)  and melts in your mouth. 

The peak season of Rishiri Uni only two months from late June to August and are served to high-end Sushi and Japanese (Ryotei) restaurants. 

Rishiri Uni season is typically from June.