Hokkaido Uni Journey

Most Uni aficionado are familiar with Uni quality but do you know what really set Hokkaido Uni apart from other Uni?

Their dedication to handling Uni is different and truly unique. Here are the process of preparing Uni in Hokkaido. Courtesy of @akarishiri

1. Fisherman catches Uni and bring them to the local Uni market. 

2. Uni manufacturers buy the Uni at the auction. 

3. Uni is shipped (wrapped with ice packed) to the Uni facility. 

4. Uni is being soak in the special formulation before the production. 

5. Prepare Uni (arranged to look attractive from all angles to make the Narabi arrangement by handpicking consistent size of Uni and serve the perfect shape in each box rather than random and odd pieces you see in Bara Uni)

6. Ship Uni to customers

Making quality Uni requires intuition and master craftsmanship. This process makes Hokkaido Uni so special.