Difference between Kaneshin Uni and AAA Gokujo Uni

Kaneshin Uni is often compared to other AAA Uni. Let's clarify.

Kaneshin Uni


AAA Uni 

The distinction between Kaneshin Uni and Gaokujo Uni lies in their mode of procurement. Gokujo Uni (AAA) is obtained through auctions where a large number of Uni are brought to the market every morning with over 1000 trays available. The market auctioneer then grade each Uni they based on the condition on the day and determine the grade of each Uni whether it's AAA, AA, A+, A, or regular. Therefore, the quality of Uni varies every time with factors such as weather, season, conditions, etc.

On the other hand, there are special Uni categories like Kaneshin Uni. They are manufactured products made to specific specifications using only high-quality, hand-picked Uni. This results in a more consistent and stable quality of Kaneshin Uni. 

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