Bafun Uni 馬糞雲丹

Do you know the taste of Uni is actually highly variable depending on the diet, season and location from which the Uni harvested? 

Hokkaido, Japan's largest island, produces Uni the most. One of the main Uni found here is Bafun Uni (馬糞雲丹)or some called Ezo Bafun Uni (蝦夷馬糞雲丹), featured in the image below, is compact in size and comes from a smaller Uni harvested from much deeper ocean depth. This gives the Uni a bolder taste that's rich in umami. 

*Ezo is what we used to refer to the Hokkaido

Bafun Uni is the most popular and abundant of all varieties. The size of Uni is a smaller and has more densely flavored Uni with less creamy than Murasaki Uni.  

It also better retains it shape during transportations, which makes it a more popular export to other parts of Japan. 

One of the most popular ways to enjoy Bafun Uni is by eating it fresh in Sushi. It can be served as Nigiri Sushi", or as a topping for Gunkan-Maki, which has a piece of Nori wrapped around the Sushi's sides to create a vessel for soft topping. 


Or Uni Don (Uni on Rice)