Kasugo Tai 100g
Kasugo Tai 100g

Kasugo Tai 100g

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Kasugo: Young Sea Bream - A Springtime Delicacy from Japan

Savor the fleeting beauty of spring with Kasugo, the young sea bream, a cherished seasonal fish in Japanese cuisine. Kasugo, a smaller counterpart of the renowned Tai (sea bream), graces our tables from late winter through spring, its arrival heralding the bloom of cherry blossoms and the onset of the new season.

Key Details of Kasugo:

  • Origin: Sourced from the coastal waters of Kagoshima, Japan, known for their rich marine life.
  • Season: Available during spring, aligning with Japan's iconic cherry blossom season.
  • Size: Each Kasugo piece is approximately 100g, though the actual weight may vary.

Culinary Highlights:

Kasugo's tender, delicate flesh makes it a prized ingredient for various dishes:

  • Sashimi: Experience the fresh, subtle flavors of Kasugo in its most authentic form.
  • Grilled: Lightly grilling Kasugo enhances its natural taste, perfect for a simple yet elegant meal.
  • Steamed: Gently steaming preserves its moist texture, often served with a light, savory broth.

Preservation and Quality Assurance:

  • Pre-order Requirement: To ensure utmost freshness, Kasugo is pre-ordered and shipped directly from Japan. Our team in Kagoshima works diligently to provide you with the best quality young sea bream.
  • Shipping Schedule: We ship Kasugo once a week due to its perishable nature, ensuring that it reaches you in the best possible condition.

Order your Kasugo today and indulge in the delicate flavors of this springtime specialty, a taste synonymous with the beauty and renewal of the season.