Kasugo Tai 100g
Kasugo Tai 100g

Kasugo Tai 100g

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Kasugo, also known as young sea bream, is a smaller version of Tai, a popular fish in Japanese cuisine. The season for Kasugo runs from the end of winter to the end of spring, coinciding with the blooming of cherry blossoms, which symbolizes the beginning of spring.

Experience the delicious and delicate taste of Kasugo, a seasonal delicacy that you won't want to miss. Come and try it at our restaurant today.


Pre-order note

This item must be pre-ordered since it is caught and directly transported fresh from Japan. As orders come in, we send them to our local team, ensuring that none is wasted and that every order is filled with fresh fish from the world's best seafood professionals. 

***Due to the perishability of this product, we only ship it on a once a week. 

Approximately 100g/PC per piece
Origin: Kagoshima, Japan
Season: Spring