Himi Buri 氷見ぶり (Sashimi Quality) 25 LB
Himi Buri 氷見ぶり (Sashimi Quality) 25 LB

Himi Buri 氷見ぶり (Sashimi Quality) 25 LB

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Discover the Exquisite Himi Buri (氷見鰤) from Toyama Bay

We're pleased to introduce on an extraordinary culinary adventure with our Himi Buri, a seasonal treasure from the pristine waters of Toyama Bay. Esteemed as Yellowtail or Japanese Amberjack, Himi Buri is a jewel of Japanese cuisine, prized for its rich flavor and tender texture.

Why Himi Buri is Exceptional:

  • Optimal Season: Winter is the golden season for Himi Buri. During this time, the fish accumulates a layer of fat, enhancing its flavor and texture, making it a sought-after winter delicacy.
  • Distinctive Taste: Harvested from Toyama Bay's nutrient-rich waters, Himi Buri offers a creamy, buttery taste, perfect for sashimi, sushi, and various cooked dishes.

The Himi Buri Tradition:

  • Cultural Significance: In Himi and the wider Toyama Prefecture, Himi Buri is not just a fish but a cultural icon, featured in various local dishes and traditions.
  • Yome Buri Tradition: Symbolizing familial bonds, this tradition involves exchanging Yellowtail between families, especially around New Year's.
  • Historical Roots: References to Himi's cold Yellowtail in historical documents over 400 years old highlight its deep-rooted cultural significance.

Savor the rich heritage and exquisite taste of Himi Buri from Toyama Bay, a true culinary masterpiece. Pre-order now to experience the unparalleled flavor of this winter delicacy!