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Shirauo (Icefish):

Shirauo stands out for its versatility and is traditionally enjoyed in cooked preparations to ensure safety:

  • Cooked Preparations: Ideal for tempura, soups, and simmered dishes.
  • Raw Serving: Occasionally served as sashimi or sushi for the adventurous diner.
  • Cultural Significance: Celebrated in the "dancing eating" tradition, where the freshness of live Shirauo is highlighted.

Essential Information:

  • Storage Guidelines: Keep refrigerated and consume quickly for the best taste.
  • Arrival Frequency: Shirauo is a rare find, with shipments sent as soon as available due to its highly seasonal nature.
  • Natural Sourcing: Directly from the natural habitats of Mie Prefecture, ensuring an authentic flavor profile.
  • Best Before: For optimal enjoyment, consume Shirauo and Shirasu shortly after purchase.

Embrace the culinary heritage of Japan with our Shirasu and Shirauo offerings. Perfect for those looking to explore traditional flavors or add a touch of sophistication to their cooking, these seafood delicacies promise to transport your taste buds to the shores of Mie Prefecture.

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