Special Kawamura Uni Brand 川村雲丹

Location: Nemura, Hokkaido
Grade: S

Brand Name: Kawamura Uni (or Marukawa マルカワ) 
Origin: Hokkaido 
Uni: Bafun, Murasaki 
Size: 250g~
Season: Sep - March

Kawamura Suisan 川村水産 is highly regarded Uni manufacture located in Nemuro city, in Hokkaido. 

Petite in size, Kawamura Bafun Uni yields delicates tongues with crisp, concentrated flavor. Lucky diners liken it to experiencing the very essence of the Hokkaido Sea. 

Highly prized throughout Japan, the vast majority of Hokkaido's sea urchins are sent daily to the fish market. 

Before the step, we reserve a portion of the finest trays to be kept for our customers. Shipments are sent to the U.S weekly, ensuring the freshest available selection. 

Shop the Kawamura Suisan (Marukawa) Gokujo Bafun Uni while supplies last! 


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